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The Portland Gin Menu

Brockmans Gin 40% ABV

Distilled in a 100yr old copper still, Brockmans Gin uses the finest botanicals sourced from all over the world, including blueberries, blackberries and coriander.

Single £3.25 Double £6.50

Hendrick’s Gin 41.4% ABV

The complexity of the nose comes through in the taste, citrus and juniper with a subtle, lingering finish of cool, refreshing cucumber and rose.

Single £2.95 Double £5.90

Gordons Gin 37.5% ABV

Gordon’s is the world’s No.1 gin, preferred by consumers for its high juniper content. Classically drunk with tonic, it is perfect for early evening refreshment and especially before a meal because juniper is an appetite stimulant. Gordon’s recent association with Gordon Ramsey has brought the brand image up to date and 70% of consumers say they prefer Gordon’s to any other gin.

Single £2.65 House Double £4.00

Bombay Sapphire Gin 40% ABV

A ripe citrus aroma with rounded spice and a touch of juniper. It’s exceptionally smooth spirit is light and crisp. 100% natural flavours combine to create a gentle, aromatic taste layered with zesty citrus, delicate nutty oils, rich exotic spices and a hint of sweetness before ending with light lavender notes and a long peppery finish.

Single £2.80 Double £5.60

Isle of Wight Mermaid Gin 42% ABV

The Isle of Wight Gin uses an infusion of carefully selected botanicals including Juniper Berries, rock samphire that is hand-picked from the Island’s chalk cliffs and Boadicea hops grown at the famous Ventnor Botanic Garden. Along with English coriander seeds, fresh lemon zest, angelica root, liquorish root, orris root, elderflower and grains of paradise.
Wight Mermaids at 42% ABV is a refreshing, smooth and slightly sweet peppery gin with hints of citrus.

Single £2.95 Double £5.90

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